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Keeping Our Environment Balanced With Sustainable Products And Practices

Priority Building Services (PBS), as part of the Cleaning Service Group of companies, demonstrates our commitment to environmental sustainability with carefully considered goals, programs, and partners. This drive to continually improve our overall environmental sustainability performance helps us capitalize on emerging market opportunities, create on-going reductions in environmental impact, and exceed our client expectations by ensuring a safe and environmentally-friendly work environment. CSG takes a comprehensive approach to environmental sustainability. This approach consists of the following components:
  • Maximizing use of sustainable cleaning products, materials and equipment.
  • Minimizing waste of any kind including: cleaning supplies, toiletry and other disposable items.
  • Developing intellectual capital in the form of metrics and procedures around 100% LEED / BOMA Best Compliancy and certifications (Green Cleaning Institute). In addition, carefully select our Eco-Friendly Partners; together we will provide the latest in green, bio-based cleaners, non-toxic, and low-VOC emitting materials, and maximize micro/Hepa filtration.
  • Enabling operational and logistical improvements both in-house and at customer sites.
At Priority Building Services, our Environmental Sustainability initiatives and comprehensive environmental policies support and align with our clients’ expectations of less impact on the environment and in their workplace, all while ensuring performance standards are maintained.