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We Do What We Say We Do

Selection Process

All associates are carefully selected through an interview screening process with senior management. Final selection is based on communications skills, cleaning experience, building maintenance experience, business knowledge, ability, and references.

All Priority associates must complete our comprehensive and rigorous ‘three-step’ training program, including a full day of theoretical training, another full day of practical training and 2-4 weeks of onsite training, alongside our Quality Control Managers.

Ongoing Inspections

Using the highly rated cleaning software program, CleanTelligent, our Quality Control managers will inspect your building or facility regularly to ensure adherence to the cleaning and building maintenance specifications outlined in your customized cleaning schedule.

We send a copy of the completed report in pdf format to the property manager or other designated person in charge of the property; many managers forward these to the strata councils as part of their monthly reporting on the condition of the building. It provides us with a tracking method to ensure our inspectors are doing their job; if we find a building consistently not up to par, action is taken at our end to ensure that property is properly, and consistently maintained.


On request, a member of Priority’s Senior Management team will schedule an onsite meeting, during regular business hours, with the designated contact person at your facility. During this meeting, any concerns they may have are addressed, and solutions are put in place.

Members of our management team are readily available 24/7 to address any of your needs and concerns and will resolve any issues in a timely and professional manner. Priority Building Services owner, Brian Veitch, is available anytime to receive any feedback you may have. Please connect with Brian if you have questions or concerns

We are proud of our 94% customer retention rate

Our team strives to meet the individual needs of each of our clients. Our 94% retention rate is a clear indication that we are committed to our clients' concerns.

Product Selection

To ensure that all our associates use approved green cleaning products, we stock our warehouse with everything they need to get the job done in an efficient and cost effective manner.

PBS helps you work more efficiently

Take the extra errand of running to the store to stock up on cleaning supplies out of your day.

Learn more about our green commercial cleaners in Vancouver or green commercial cleaners Vancouver

In addition to knowing that only the best cleaning supplies are being used, our customers also appreciate the option to purchase their consumables (toilet tissue, handsoap, paper towels, etc) at a reduced price.

These supplies can be delivered to their locations at no additional cost to them.